Rental Car information for Anchorage Airport

Passengers arriving at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport can use the services of rental car agencies for their transportation needs while visiting Alaska's largest city. The new Rental Car Center is located across from the South Terminal. All rental vehicles are picked up at this location. A free shuttle service operates 24 hours a day between the Rental Car Center, North Terminal, and South Terminal.

Arriving passengers can board the shuttle at a curbside location outside the baggage claim area at either terminal. The shuttle pickup location is clearly marked and will accommodate all luggage in the possession of travelers.

Several other rental agencies have license to transport their vehicles to the airport for passenger pickup. These companies are located some distance from the airport but will provide either a shuttle service or drop the vehicle at the Rental Car Center.

The airport is located approximately 6 miles from downtown Anchorage. Passengers depart the Rental Car Center and follow the signs to International Airport Road. From eastbound International Airport Road, drivers can either turn north on Minnesota Drive for direct access to the downtown area or continue on to the O'Malley interchange and connect with the Seward Highway for destinations south of Anchorage.

Several of the rental car agencies have offices in the downtown area. Those passengers needing to drop off their vehicle at a location other than the airport will have to make arrangements with the rental company. Most of the downtown hotels have a free shuttle service to and from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Road navigation can be somewhat tricky near the airport. Traffic can become congested at times due to the high volume of activity at the passenger terminals and the nearby FedEx hub. Two large float plane bases are located directly north of the airport, and the series of interchanges and turn lanes that direct traffic to these detinations can cause confusion for first-time visitors. Although rental cars may have installed driver navigation systems, drivers are encouraged to ask for precise directions at the visitor information desks located inside the passenger terminals.