Anchorage Airport Transportation

Transportation to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport by taxi cab is offered by both Checker Cab and Yellow Cab. Depending on the time of day and the amount of traffic, the trip from downtown Anchorage to the airport will take about 20 minutes. Taxi cab passengers are taken to the sidewalk outside the baggage claim area if they are going to the South Terminal. North Terminal passengers are let off outside of the main lobby entrance.

Rental Car
All of the major car rental companies operate in the city of Anchorage and are represented at the airport's centralized Rental Car Center. The Rental Car Center is located directly across from the South Terminal. After depositing your rental car at the Rental Car Center, airport shuttles are available to take passengers thoughout the airport complex. These shuttles pick up passengers approximately every 15 minutes. If you want to park your car and pick it up on your return to Anchorage, there are short and long-term parking lots available. The short-term parking lots have a 10-day maximum stay for those on international flights and a 30-day maximum stay for domestic passengers. The long-term parking lot has a 90-day maximum stay. There is a fee for using these parking lots.

The city of Anchorage operates a public transportation bus service called People Mover. Those who wish to take the bus to the airport need to take bus route 007. This route runs throughout downtown Anchorage and operates several busses with multiple stops throughout the week and weekend.

Some private companies operate shuttle services to the airport. Alaska Shuttle and Eagle River Shuttle are two of the main operators of private shuttle services. In addition, most of the major hotels and motels in the Anchorage area operate shuttles to and from the airport for their guests.