Directions To Buffalo Niagara Airport

Located in Cheektowaga, New York, the Buffalo Niagara Airport serves to local metropolitan areas: Buffalo, New York and Southern Ontario, Canada. This airport was established in 1926 and is one of the oldest airports in the entire country. Since it's early days as a municipal airport, the Buffalo Niagara Airport has become the third busiest airport in the state of New York after the LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy Airports located in New York City.

Being located near the American and Canadian border makes this airport usable by travelers from both countries. About a third of the passengers on all flights to and from Buffalo Niagara Airport are actually Canadian, as it's easier for Canadians to fly to other US destinations from this airport. That being said, it is not a giant airport and sees about 110 commercial passenger flights per day.

By car, the Buffalo Niagara airport is most easily accessed by taking the Kensington Expressway (NY-33). This expressway can be reached via I-90 or NY-78. There is short term and long term parking available directly on the terminal campus. There is also long-term parking available as you enter the airport campus and free airport shuttles can bring you to and from the terminal if you choose this parking option. Six major car rental chains have on-site locations at the Buffalo-Niagara airport, making it easy to rent and return a car on your way in and out of the city. Three American taxi companies and one Canadian taxi company regularly service the Buffalo Niagara Airport and are available outside of baggage claim. The airport is also easily accessible by the NFTA-Metro bus system. While it is easy to make bus transfers to get to your final destination around the city, it is recommended that you plan out your bus route in advance if you choose to travel by city bus. The majority of local hotels do offer airport shuttles, but this is a service that you must set up in advance with your hotel.