George Bush Airport Information

The airport features five terminals that are located north of the airport's main entrance and security areas. Terminals A, B and C feature over 60 gates that accommodate passengers traveling on most domestic and Canadian airlines. Terminal D and E features over 30 gates that accommodate passengers traveling on international flights to destinations all over the world excluding Canada.

There are three multistory parking structures that are located between Terminals B, C, D and E. There is also a parking structure located to the left of Terminal A. Each parking structure offers short-term, valet and long-term parking options. Each parking structure has a ticket booth that is open nearly 24 hours a day. Moreover, the airport offers passengers a shuttle service that streamlines travel to and from the airport.

Car Rentals:
Passengers may rent a vehicle by visiting the airport's consolidated rental car facility located south of the airport's main entrance on John F. Kennedy Boulevard. The facility offers passengers a bus shuttle service that travels to and from the airport nearly 24 hours a day.

Information for Drivers Picking Up or Dropping Off Passengers:
Drivers may pick up or drop off passengers at the airport's passenger loading zone located east of the airport's terminals on Will Clayton Parkway. Be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes before your flight's departure or arrival time to avoid needless delays.

Information for Passengers Using Public Transportation:
Buses that travel to George Bush Intercontinental Airport make several stops at or near the airport. For example, bus routes 20, 102, 265 and 274 stop near the airport on John F. Kennedy Boulevard every 12 to 20 minutes each day. Moreover, bus route 261 stops at Terminal C during peak travel times.

Customs Information:
The airport's customs office is located inside Terminal E. Passengers may clear customs by visiting the Customs and Inspection Center located on the second floor of the customs office.

George Bush Airport offers many amenities that are located near the middle of each terminal. Some of the airport's most popular amenities include currency exchange booths, information centers, Wi-Fi Internet service, baggage claim facilities, shops and food courts. The airport also offers a train shuttle service that travels to and from each terminal every two minutes each day.