Directions To Memphis Intl Airport

Memphis, TN, is located minutes from Mississippi and Arkansas. The Memphis International Airport is positioned to be within driving distance of many major cities including Jackson, MS, Little Rock, AR, Nashville, TN, Birmingham, AL, and many smaller cities in the multi-state area. Memphis itself is a sprawling city with many suburbs. From downtown Memphis, many major roads intersect I-240 on both the east and west sides. These include Poplar Avenue, Lamar Avenue and Jackson Avenue.

From downtown, you can take I-240 and be at the airport within 15 minutes. From I-240 East, you will merge onto the WB Fowler Sr. Expressway. The South Airways Boulevard exit is labeled 23B. Signs should indicate that you are headed toward the airport. Be sure to keep right on the ramp. You will merge into Plough Boulevard and stay straight on Jim McGehee Parkway. The airport will be on your right. It may help to know that the airport is bounded by four roads: East Shelby Drive, Airways Boulevard, Democrat Boulevard and Swineas Boulevard. Winchester Boulevard cuts through the property.

From Jackson, take I-55N for almost 200 miles. Once you cross into Tennessee, you are in Memphis. You will take Exit 2 toward East Shelby Drive. From Little Rock, take I-55 South for over 120 miles. You will need to take left-hand exit 6A toward I-240 East. Take South Airways Boulevard, exit 23B. From the east, including Nashville, drivers take I-40 West. At exit 10A, drivers should merge onto I-240 West toward Airport/Jackson, MS. Again, drivers use exit 23B to reach the airport. Cities such as Holly Springs, MI, Tupelo, MI, and Birmingham, Alabama are linked to Memphis via US 78. US 78 travels east by northeast from Alabama, through Mississippi and into Tennessee. Upon entering the Memphis area on US 78, take a left on Winchester Road and watch for the ramp to the airport.