General Mitchell Intl Airport Information

General Mitchell International Airport is a public airport located just a few miles outside of the Milwaukee, WI downtown area.  The airport serves the majority of southern Wisconsin, and is also used as an alternative airport for Chicago area residents.  The airport was first built in the early 1920s and was mainly used for regional flights.  The first terminal was not built until 1940.  Starting in 1944, the airport was leased to the US Military as it was used to support the World War II war effort.  During the war, the airport was largely used as a prison of war camp, holding as many as 3,000 prisoners at one time.  Shortly following the war, the airport was converted back to commercial use. 
Today, General Mitchell Airport is the most heavily used airport in the State of Wisconsin.  The airport has just one terminal, which was built in 1955.  There are a total of five runways and two concourses, which holds about thirty different gates.  The airport services around 185,000 aircraft movements and just under 10 million passengers each year.  Several major international airlines, including JetBlue, United, and American, operate gates and daily trips in and out of the airport.  While some international travel is available, the vast majority of flights are domestic.  Some of the busiest domestic routes include Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Orlando.
After arriving at the airport, a traveler will have a few different ways of getting to their final destination.  The Badger Coach Bus system operates several buses every hour during the day, which can be taken to downtown Milwaukee and a few different locations in and around the city.  The Amtrak train system operates a stop less than a mile from the airport.  A free shuttle service is available to and from the train station.  The Amtrak could be used to connect into downtown Milwaukee as well as downtown Chicago, with several stops along the way.