Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport Transportation

Since there are two Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airports, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, it is very important for airport travelers to know which one is the desired destination since both are about a five-minute drive from each other. The international airport, also known as Terminal 1 and receives the most travelers, is located off Highway 5 in the very southeast corner of Minneapolis. Terminal 2 is located of Highway 5 and Interstate 494. For folks who are visiting or traveling in St. Paul and the surrounding area on the east, Interstate 494 or Highway 55 brings folks to Highway 5 and Terminal 1.

For folks who have unique flight times at extreme parts of the day or night or for those who prefer a different time of vehicular travel, a taxicab is a terrific option. Taxis take the same routes to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, but have different points of entry at the airport itself. In addition, taxi drivers are very knowledgeable about traffic hotspots and know the best shortcuts around them.

Another option is the Light Rail Transit Hiawatha Line. Though it only operates in downtown Minneapolis to far eastern Bloomington to the Mall of America, the Hiawatha Line offers the dependability of being on a fixed schedule and affordability of being inexpensive as compared to a taxicab ride. In addition, for those who are transferring flights from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 or vice-versa, the Hiawatha Line offers travelers free service between airports.

The Metro Transit Authority bus line services the Minneapolis/St. Paul airports. There are a number of buses that connect travelers to both airports throughout the day. In addition, buses have special lanes to tap into when rush hour and other potential problems occur.

From the northwest metro beginning in Big Lake, Minnesota, the Northstar Rail Line connects travelers to downtown Minneapolis. In doing so, it enables them to connect to the Hiawatha Line or the Metro Transit bus line.