Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport Transportation

Montreal STM Bus Routes 204 and 209:
Bus routes 204 and 209 stop at Montreal-Trudeau Airport's passenger drop-off bays located on the second level of the international arrivals area every day from 6 a.m. to midnight. Passengers may board buses that travel on routes 204 and 209 near destinations including the Dorval Train Station Bus Terminal, the Montreal Botanical Garden, Olympic Stadium and Oscar Peterson Concert Hall. Be sure to arrive at your stop at least 10 minutes in advance to avoid delays.

Montreal STM Shuttle Route 747:
Montreal's STM Transport Service offers a convenient shuttle service that travels 24 hours a day from downtown Montreal to Montreal-Trudeau Airport. Passengers may board the shuttle near several downtown destinations including the Central Bus Station, the Quebec Tourism Information Centre and Lucien-L'Allier Train Station. Shuttles that travel along route 747 stop at these destinations about every 45 to 60 minutes each day. As a result, be sure to arrive at your stop at least 15 minutes early to avoid delays.

Regional Shuttle Service:
Several regional transportation firms offer shuttle service to Montreal-Trudeau Airport's main passenger drop-off area. Travelers may use these shuttle services to travel to and from destinations located in Québec City, Ste-Foy and Trois-Rivières each day from about 7 a.m. to midnight. Be sure to ask the airport's dispatch center located near the cloakroom for current scheduling information.

VIA Rail Canada Minibus Service:
VIA Rail Canada operates minibuses that travel every day from Dorval Train Station to Montreal-Trudeau Airport. Be sure to look for signs with a blue Via Rail Canada logo to simplify your search for this service.

More than 20 taxi companies travel 24 hours a day to and from Montreal-Trudeau Airport. Most taxis offer direct service to Montreal-Trudeau Airport from destinations located in Dorval, downtown Montreal, Québec City and Ste-Foy. Be sure to call ahead at least two hours in advance of your flight's departure time to avoid delays.