Orlando Intl Airport Information

Orlando International Airport is a major airport that is located just outside of Orlando’s central business district. The airport serves personal and professional travel to the city of Orlando and is also a frequent stop for people making connections to other cities.

The airport is relatively new to other major airports in the United States. The airport was largely used for military purposes until the 1970s, when it was then converted to a fully commercial airport. Within just a few years the airport became one of the quickest growing in the country. Today the airport has a total of four different terminals, with plans for a fifth terminal underway.

Each year, the airport handles around 350,000 aircraft movements, which handle as many as 35 million passengers each year, which makes the airport the second busiest in Florida. The airport is a very common destination for people that are connecting to international destinations as well as smaller cities located in the southeastern United States. Over thirty different major international airlines operate daily flights in and out of the airport. The most frequent domestic routes are to Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, and Miami. The most frequent international flights are to London, Toronto, Frankfurt, and Panama.

After arriving at the airport, a traveler into Orlando has a number of ways to get to and from the airport. The most frequently used public transport option is the Lynx rail system, which operates a sub-station located on the airport grounds. From here, a train could be taken into downtown Orlando as well as a number of different locations. The airport also operates a taxi stand, which is in operation 24 hours per day. Those that are coming into Orlando for a cruise or to stay at a resort will also have free shuttle service to either their port of call or hotel.