Philadelphia Intl Airport Transportation

Philadelphia International Airport is an easy five mile drive from Center City Philadelphia. The airport is directly accessed from Route 95. From downtown, the most dependable route is to take Vine Street to Route 95 south. Route 76 also goes to the airport and is accessed off the Parkway near 30th Street Station; however, this route often turns into a parking lot. When driving from the Northwestern suburbs, your GPS will take you down Route 476 and probably tell you to take 76 East to the Airport. This is extremely risky; Route 76 going into Philadelphia may be the worst highway in America, prone to aggravating traffic jams at any hour of day or night. Instead, drive an extra ten miles due south on Route 476 and then take Route 95 North. This way is far more dependable.
From Northern suburbs and New Jersey, simply head to Route 95 South. This road parallels the Delaware River and has many easy access points.

From Western Suburbs, you may take Route 76 or the Pennsylvania Turnpike, but again, avoid Route 76. The Turnpike will take you all the way to Route 95 South, but it is probably quicker to take 476 to Route 95 North.
From points South, again, Route 95 is easily accessed.

Public Transportation
SEPTA runs a train directly to the airport from Center City. You can pick it up at 30th Street Station, Market Street East or Suburban Station. If you need to take public transport from suburbs, there are many Septa lines directly to Center City, from where you can take a transfer to the airport. There are also bus routes directly to the Center City train stations.

Shuttles, Taxis and Limos
All the major downtown hotels have shuttles to the airport. Also, many suburban hotels have shuttles. Taxi service from downtown is easy to find but wherever you are, you can find airport limousines for door to door service at a lower rate.