Directions To Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is a major airport that serves the city of Phoenix, AZ and many of the surrounding communities.  The airport is located just a few miles outside of the city’s downtown central business district and is easily accessible from all different areas of the metropolitan area. 
Being conveniently located near the interchange of Interstate 10 and Interstate 17 makes it very easy for travelers to drive to the airport.  Travelers that are coming from the Phoenix downtown area could take Jefferson Street to Interstate-10.  From there, they can take I-10 south to the Sky Harbor Blvd exit, which will then take them directly into the terminal.  The entire drive is about five miles and typically takes less than ten minutes. 
Travelers that are coming from suburbs to the west and south including Mesa, Chandler, and Gilberts could also drive easily to the airport.  From there, a traveler could take US Highway 60 of State Highway 202 to Interstate 10, which they can then take to the Sky Harbor Blvd exit, which will run directly into the airport terminal grounds. 
Those that are coming from the northern suburbs of Glendale and Peoria will be able to take State Highway 101 south and then connect to Interstate 10, or they could take Interstate 17 to Interstate 10.  Once on Interstate 10, a driver will be able to follow the same route to Sky Harbor Blvd before getting to the airport. 
People that are flying in or out of the airport also have a public transportation option for getting to the airport. The city’s Metro Light Rail train system operates a train that connects to the nearby Washington at 44th Street Station.  From here, a traveler can connect to a free shuttle that will take them to any terminal within the airport grounds.  The light rail train connects to downtown Phoenix and makes several stops along the way.