Directions To Sacramento Intl Airport

Sacramento International Airport services many major cities all over North America, handling nearly 9 million passengers per year and almost 150 commercial flights per day. The airport is located to the north of the city, well away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. This makes it much easier to access than many big city airports.

If you have a flight out of Sac International or are going to be dropping off someone catching a flight out of one of the two terminals, then you should be sure about your driving directions. Since the airport is located adjacent to Interstate-5 and is surrounded only by agriculture, it is quite easy to access from every direction.

From Sacramento
Folks coming from the city of Sacramento should get onto Interstate-5 heading North. The airport is approximately 20 miles north of the city’s J Street exit, which lies at the heart of downtown underneath the skyscrapers. You will have the option of accessing Interstate-80 a few miles outside of the downtown area, but you should simply keep to the left, staying on I-5 while heading north. After a large and protracted freeway curve to the left, you'll see the bright lights of the airport on your right hand side, and signs will guide you into the airport.

From Northern Regions
If you’re going to be coming from the Yuba City or Beale area, simply take Interstate-99 South until I-5 can be accessed, which is about a mile after the West Elkhorn Boulevard exit. From there, the airport will only be about a mile's drive, and can be clearly seen on the right hand side.

From Woodland
Get onto Interstate-5 South and take it toward the city of Sacramento. After about six miles, you will see the bright lights of the Sac International Airport on the left hand side of the freeway, and easy-to-read signs will guide you in and toward your proper destination.