Salt Lake City Airport Information

The Salt Lake City Airport features several different parking options for travelers. The first is a covered parking garage. This garage is available for anyone who needs long-term parking or short-term parking. The second option is an economy parking lot. Those who park in the economy lot can take a shuttle to the airport after dropping off their vehicles. The same shuttle will return travelers to their vehicles when they return to the airport.

Anyone who forgets to pick up a souvenir or needs some last minute item will find what they need in any of the airport’s shopping facilities. There are dozens of airport shopping facilities, including a Brookstone store, a Cat Cora store, and an Xpress Spa. Gift shops with newspapers, books, and other items are also available in airport terminals.

Hungry travelers can stop for a bite to eat, a quick snack, a cocktail, or a cup of coffee at any of the restaurants located throughout the airport. There are sit down restaurants with bars and fast food options for those in a hurry. There are restaurants located all over the terminals providing different types of food for different types of taste.

Several rental car agencies have offices in the short-term parking garage on the ground floor. The rental agencies offer a variety of different cars to suit everyone’s need, including vehicles especially for those with a handicap or disability that requires special equipment.

The Salt Lake City Airport is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are restrooms, flight departure and arrival boards, and courtesy phones located in every corridor. In their airport there two terminals servicing five concourses and 83 gates; the airport has a number of options for those who need further assistance. Additionally, travelers coming in and out of the airport with luggage can access a luggage cart with their credit card or cash, or they can ask an airport employee for assistance with their luggage.