Directions To San Francisco Intl Airport

San Francisco International Airport is one of the busiest airports on the west coast as it serves the San Francisco / Oakland area. The airport is well located in the area and is easily accessible by people coming from all different directions.

Due to its proximity to the city of San Francisco, driving to the airport is a great option for many people. For people that are coming to the airport from the city’s central business district can get to the airport in about 15 minutes. The quickest way to get to the airport would be to take US Highway 101, which runs directly by the airport and can be taken to San Bruno Avenue, which will take the driver right into the airport.

Those that are coming to the airport from San Mateo, Redwood, or another community to the south of the airport could also take US Highway 101 to San Bruno Avenue. Those that are coming to the airport from the southeast could take Interstate 280 North, and then connect to US Highway 101.

Travelers that are coming form the west side of the bay will also have an easy time connecting to the airport. All drivers can connect to Highway 92 in the city of Hayward, which can then be used to connect to US Highway 101, which will then lead them directly into the airport.

People that are coming to and from the airport will also have a number of different public transportation options. The airport is located along the BART rail system, which can be used to connect people to the airport directly from downtown San Francisco. The airport is also located along the SamTrans bus system. The vast bus system operates three different bus lines that run to all of the different terminals in the airport, which can then be used to connect to anywhere else in the city.