San Francisco Intl Airport Information

San Francisco International Airport or SFO ranks among the 30 busiest airports in the entire world. Over four million passengers arrived and departed from SFO in June 2012 alone. This airport serves as a gateway into the United States on the West Coast, similar to other major international airports like LAX.

SFO has achieved many milestones since opening over 80 years ago in 1927. One of its largest impacts has been in the reduction of aircraft noise. The airport carried out this massive undertaking over a period of several years. Insulating homes and businesses within earshot of the airport, flying quieter aircraft and implementing special regulations for nighttime flying are just a few of the things SFO has done to decrease noise pollution.

The airport itself is located on the outskirts of San Francisco. Public transportation is one of the most popular methods for getting to SFO from the surrounding city. SFO has five terminals, two for international flights and three for domestic flights. A large parking garage and fully automated people mover make getting from the car to the gate simple and easy. Security checkpoints at the entrance to each terminal help to protect passengers and crews.

A number of services are also offered at SFO. Free wireless Internet access is available throughout all terminals. Battery recharging stations for laptops can be found in convenient locations near the boarding gates. Yoga rooms, water refilling stations, movie rental stores, currency exchanges and even shower facilities make SFO customer-friendly, to say nothing of the many restaurants and shops at the airport.

SFO is one of the premier international destinations for domestic and foreign travelers. A commitment to high environmental standards and customer satisfaction makes this airport stand out above all others. San Francisco International Airport beckons for casual tourists or serial travelers.