San Francisco Intl Airport Transportation

One of the most common forms of transportation to San Francisco International Airport is Bart. Bart offers services from the city of San Francisco and the East Bay right to the terminals. Departure times from stations all over the Bay Area are frequent, and delays are few and far between.

Caltrain offers services to San Francisco International Airport from South Bay cities such as Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Jose and Mountain View. Caltrain normally runs a tight schedule, and runs northbound in the mornings and southbound in the afternoon.

If you live in Palo Alto, San Mateo County, or in San Francisco, you may want to consider taking the SamTrans public bus service. Aside from being very affordable, they offer 24 hour service to and from the airport.

Shared vans are also another popular option for transportation to the airport. Many of these companies operate nationwide, and are very dependable. The rates that they charge normally depend on the distance between your pickup point and the airport.

There are also other variables to consider when using this service. Shared van companies pick up as many passengers as possible along a designated route to the airport. The departure time from your house may be earlier than expected when using a shared-van service to allow for traffic time and the allotted time needed to pick up other passengers.

Taxis are also available for transportation to the airport however, are not the preferred option. Prices are generally very expensive, and the taxis may not always be reliable when setting a pick up time at your location.

Driving is also a preferred option for passengers going to San Francisco International Airport. Accessing the airport from the freeway is very easy, and there are many options in and around the airport for parking. The fees are normally pretty reasonable, and there are always free shuttles that offer transportation to and from the parking lots.