Directions To Lambert St. Loius Intl Airport

Drivers coming to Lambert St. Louis International Airport can choose from several short- and long-term parking lots. The airport entrance roadway splits into arrivals and departures lanes for those persons picking up or dropping off passengers at curbside. Super Park operates all parking garages at the airport. The short-term garages are located directly in front of both airport terminals. There are four long-term parking lots on the airport grounds, each of them connected to the main terminals via complimentary shuttle service.

Driving Directions To The Airport
For those drivers traveling from downtown St. Louis, take Interstate 70 westbound to Exit 238A and follow the signs to the airport entrance roadway.

For drivers coming north on Interstate 270, take the eastbound Interstate 70 exit and drive east to Exit 235C, Cypress Road exit. Follow signs to the airport entrance roadway.

For those traveling eastbound on Interstate 270, take the exit to Interstate 170 southbound. Exit onto westbound Interstate 70 and travel west to Exit 238A.

If traveling west from downtown on Interstate 64, exit onto northbound Interstate 170 and travel north to Exit 7C. Take westbound Interstate 70 to exit 238A.

Cell Phone Lots
There are two cell phone lots at Lambert St. Louis International Airport. Those waiting for passenger pickup at Terminal 1 can take the Cypress Road exit from Interstate 70 and turn onto International Boulevard. The cell phone lot is located 1/3 mile east of the intersection of Cypress Road and International Boulevard.

The Terminal 2 cell phone lot is located on Air Cargo Road. Drivers can take International Boulevard to the entrance to Terminal 2 and make a sharp right turn onto Air Cargo Road. The cell phone lot is located on the north side of the road inside the Air Cargo complex.

Rental Car Pickup
All major rental car agencies serve Lambert St. Louis International Airport. The customer service desks are located between Exit Doors 12-17 in Terminal 1. The passenger pickup area is outside Exit Door 17 in Terminal 1 and outside Exit Door 12 in Terminal 2.