Directions To Tucson Intl Airport

Tucson International Airport is a heavily used commercial airport that is located near Tucson, AZ. The airport is used to serve the city of Tucson, as well as all other communities located in southern Arizona. The airport is well located, being near the highway, which can make it very easy for people to get to from all areas around the airport.

While the airport is located near the interchange of Interstate 10 and Interstate 19, people that are coming from downtown Tucson could get to the airport without taking the highway. From downtown Tucson, a driver could take Kinko Parkway south for about four miles before taking a left onto Benson Drive. From there, they can connect to Airport Drive, which will then provide direct service into the airport grounds. The drive from downtown Tucson is about nine miles and can be completed in less than fifteen minutes.

Those that are coming to the airport from some of the communities to the south, including Green Valley, AZ, can take Interstate 19 north and then connect to Interstate 10 west. From there, they can take I-10 to Airport Drive. From the Green Valley area, the entire drive will take about 30 minutes.

Those that are coming from Oro Valley, Picture Rocks, or Drexel Heights, will find that the best way to get to the airport will be to take Interstate 19 south until they connect to Interstate 10. Once on I-10, the next step would be to go to Airport Drive. The entire drive from those northern Tucson communities will take around 20 minutes.

Those that are looking to get to the airport could also take public transportation. The SunTran public bus system operates a few different lines that go towards the airport. The SunTran bus system is large enough where people could get to the airport from virtually anywhere in the city limits.